Webinar: How can the NHS move from waiting lists to preparation lists?


ADI Health are sponsoring an HSJ webinar discussing how the NHS can move from waiting lists to preparation lists – and in doing so, support more effective management of the backlog.

This webinar forms part of the HSJ Elective Care Recovery Virtual Series and will bring together a panel of experts to debate key topics including; how can the NHS create a shift towards ‘active’ waiting and how digital technology can play a part in this shift?


  • John Eaglesham – Chief Executive, ADI Health
  • Jugdeep Dhesi – Consultant Geriatrician, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation Trust and Deputy Director, Centre for Perioperative Care
  • Dileep Lobo – Professor of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre
  • Layla McCay – Director of Policy, NHS Confederation

Communicating with patients regularly, checking on their symptoms and determining whether they still need to be on a waiting list, will improve not only patient experience but also system efficiency. MyPathway can support services waiting lists with the Elective Care Recovery Toolkit and enable those patients waiting to wait well.

To find out more about how MyPathway can support your service, register for the HSJ webinar.