Welcome to MyPathway

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What can MyPathway offer?

Remote monitoring

Elective Care Recovery

Appointment Management

Supported Self-Management

Digital triage

Virtual Clinics

Patient Cohort Management

Digital Letters


What makes us different?

Working in collaboration with our customers, we utilise technology to deliver better health, better care and better outcomes.

Fully Customisable

MyPathway can be modified to suit your services' particular need. We work with our customers to ensure this process is straightforward and simple.

Clinically Specific

MyPathway can be tailored to any clinical service. We work with clinicians to ensure all content, questionnaires, resources etc. are specific to your clinical requirements.

Self-edit Configuration

MyPathway allows you to personally modify your own pathways. This removes the need to rely on our development team for all changes.

Single Digital Solution

MyPathway combines operational breadth and clinical depth, to offer Trusts a single digital solution for all patient engagement, communication and analytics.

Trusted Partners

We work with strategic partners to expand our offering. We work with our trusted partners to achieve the desired results for your service.

Light Touch Approach

MyPathway can offer your service proven automated templates that can work off the shelf. We can support your service to create low complexity, high volume pathways.