Virtual Clinics

Virtual Clinics provides a simple screening solution so that consultants only need to see patients with continuing needs.

The benefits of virtual clinics

Saves clinicians time due to reduction in face to face appointments 

Reduces unnecessary travel for patients 

Patients can monitor their own progress

Reduces admin time and costs 

How does it work?

Patient List Upload

The patient list is uploaded into the clinical portal. This can be a specific patient list or an entire patient cohort.

Mass Communication

Communication to register for MyPathway is sent to patient(s) via email, SMS or letter.


The patient registers for MyPathway via web browser or they can download the MyPathway app. Registering for MyPathway takes approx. 1 minute.

Welcome to MyPathway

The patient receives a Welcome to MyPathway personalised message.


The patient is asked to complete a questionnaire about their condition, depending on their condition, they may also be asked to get an x-ray.

Virtual Clinic

The patient and clinician attends a virtual clinic to discuss the patients results and next step of care.

Digital Triage

Based on the patients results, the clinicians triages the patient for discharge, access plan or hospital appointment.


The clinician can follow-up with patients

How virtual clinics can be implemented within your service

MND Introduction box

MyPathway Orthopaedics long-term follow-up clinics

The total number of hip and knee replacements being carried out has risen significantly over the past 20 years. Patients receiving their standard 1-year follow-up appointments for these treatments are often kept waiting for long periods, only for 90% of them to be seen by consultants in spite of having no issues. MyPathway provides a simple screening solution so that consultants only need to see patients with continuing needs.

Patients having hip and knee replacements are invited to sign up to the virtual clinic. 8 weeks prior to the 1-year follow-up, each patient is sent an automated message reminding them to complete a series of online forms, as well get an x-ray at a time and place of their convenience. The clinician will review the patient’s results at the virtual clinic and inform the patient of the advised next steps; discharge, access plan or hospital appointment.

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