Digital Letters

Digital Letters enables patients to view and download their hospital letters within MyPathway. Patients receive their letters securely and on time.

Benefits of Digital Letters

Reduces DNA as patients have all the correct, up to date information

Reduced admin involved as all information is presented within the app

Increase patient engagement as they feel more informed about their healthcare

Reduces cost for the NHS by going paperless

How does it work?

Patient List Upload

The patient list is uploaded into the clinical portal. This can be a specific patient list or an entire patient cohort.

Mass Communication

Communication to register for MyPathway is sent to patient(s) via email, SMS or letter.


The patient registers for MyPathway via web browser or they can download the MyPathway app. Registering for MyPathway takes approx. 1 minute.

Welcome to MyPathway

The patient receives a Welcome to MyPathway personalised message.

Digital Letter

Patients are sent appointment letters which they can instantly access via MyPathway. Patients who prefer paper letters can still receive their letters by post as usual.

How Digital Letters can be implemented within your service

Musculoskeletal Outpatients

Musculoskeletal outpatients

Through the MyPathway app, patients are sign-posted to condition specific resources and lifestyle advice to encourage self-management whilst waiting for their appointment. Patients are asked to complete validated questionnaires digitally to help improve the efficiency of the service. All appointment information is available on the app timeline and patients receive automated appointment reminders to assist with adherence, DNA reduction and improve patient experience and engagement.

The MyPathway clinical portal enables clinicians to review questionnaire responses, send personalised messages and bespoke resources to the patient such as exercise videos, PDFs or URL links.

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