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Introducing Greener MyPathway

The NHS aims to provide health and high quality care for all, now and for future generations. To do this they need to respond to how climate change affects the population's health, they need to take action and they need to embark on a process for the national health service to reach net zero emissions. Whilst the NHS target is net zero by 2040, everyone involved from staff, suppliers, patients to hospitals need to make a commitment for a Greener NHS which will be embedded into everything we do now and in the future, the climate emergency is a health emergency. ADI Health have created Greener MyPathway, we are here to support the NHS achieve a Greener NHS. 

9.5 billion miles

of all road travel in England relates to patients, visitors, staff and suppliers to the NHS

20,000 trees

are saved by the NHS switching to recycled paper


of carbon emissions related to the NHS are a result of patient travel

Digital Communications

Increasing digitisation helps reduce the reliance on paper. COVID-19 rapidly accelerated the adoption of digital communication, when the NHS needed to communicate quickly to all patients to stay home and not attend their appointments. MyPathway can support mass messaging to large cohorts of patients which reduces the number of letters sent and reduces the amount of paper used.


Supporting self-management

Cloud SaaS and IaaS

MyPathway uses Cloud SaaS and IaaS which complies with the adoption of modern cloud services through the Public cloud first agenda and developing strategies. Using cloud services provides many advantages for NHS Digital as it reduces the data centre footprint as well as reducing the need for additional data centre capacity.



Virtual Clinics

The pandemic accelerated the digitisation of outpatient and primary care appointments. Consultants and GPs conducted remote appointments during lockdown and seeing the benefits of virtual care, many are continuing to provide care in a virtual setting, rather than face to face appointments.

MyPathway provides virtual clinics, which during the pandemic protected patients and healthcare professionals as well as reducing patient and staff travel. As virtual clinics continue to be supported within the NHS, this will help decrease the total emissions caused by patient travel which currently equates to 5% of all NHS road travel (9.5 billion miles).


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