MyPathway launches self-referral for Antenatal Physiotherapy


MyPathway Antenatal Physiotherapy (self-referral) has launched in Sheffield Teaching Hospital’s WHPT (Women’s Health Physiotherapy Team). The new pathway enables women to self-refer for antenatal pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain, low back pain, rectus diastasis, carpal tunnel syndrome and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Patients can refer themselves to the WHPT service when they feel they need to access women’s health antenatal physiotherapy support, this can be at the start of their pregnancy through to their due date.

Antenatal Physiotherapy Assessment Form

Once the patient registers, they will be asked to complete a questionnaire, which provides the WHPT with the relevant information about the patient’s condition. The WHPT will then ‘assign’ the type of appointment needed. The patient will be offered either a video package, replicating the antenatal group session (which currently is not running due to Covid-19 restrictions) or a 60-minute face to face appointment. Patients also have access to resources regarding pregnancy related conditions within the app.

This new self-referral pathway helps patients manage their pain earlier by referring themselves at the time they need it, by using the video resources that become available to them immediately and by the fact that the referral arrives and is processed digitally so is much quicker. They are also able to tell the physiotherapists themselves about their problems and the impact it is having on their lives. The patient is also invited to choose and book their own appointment at a time convenient to them.

The MyPathway self-referral process also reduces the administrative work for the WHPT as the referral document does not need to move around the department for registration and triage and the patient is invited to book their own appointment.

Antenatal Physiotherapy Management

There has been very positive feedback from patients who have accessed the self-referral service via MyPathway to date. Self-referral empowers the woman to be in control of their problem, which improves engagement and reduces the number of missed or wasted appointments. An immediate package of care can be provided without the patient having to attend the hospital or invite patients for a face-to-face assessment so they can receive individualised physiotherapy management to address their functional problems, including antenatal physiotherapy exercises. Through self-referral, patients are accessing the service earlier in their pregnancy, which can prevent their pain from escalating to increased levels. Early intervention and management are key with pregnancy-related pain conditions, which places women in control during their pregnancy.

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