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Frances Cole


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As part of the NHS Planning Guidance issues on Sept 30th, it was announced that a £250m Elective Recovery Technology Fund (ETRF) had been established to help implement digital solutions that will make a real difference to elective recovery.  It is part of the ‘Targeted Investment Fund’ of £700m established as part of the government’s ‘Build Back Better Plan’ for health and social care.  For more about the Elective Recovery Fund see the Unified Tech Fund prospectus.

Timescales are short to ensure you receive your share of the ETRF and then use those funds wisely. We can help you to build your business case as MyPathway is uniquely placed to be able to provide the digitisation of your services as outlined below.

Regional allocation

The funding has been allocated to NHS regions on a fair share basis to invest in local NHS plans that support elective recovery and reduce the number of people waiting for planned care.

The regional allocation is as follows:

  • £40m for North and East Yorkshire
  • £5m for the Northwest
  • £47m for the Midlands
  • £37m for the Southeast
  • £25m for the Southwest
  • £39m for London

The ETRF is for implementing digital solutions that will make a real difference to elective recovery; it will be targeted on proven productivity enhancing initiatives such as:

  • Digital solutions that support people at home on alternative digital care pathways for those patients in need of support with their mental health or pain management avoiding the need for hospital care
  • Digital tools that help with active waiting and self-management
  • Patient facing tools for communication, including allowing when/if a patient requires a follow-up appointment, clinicians to provide guided self-management and asynchronous clinical triage provided by patient self-assessment
  • Use of digital innovations that support early discharge and home rehabilitation, including virtual wards and remote monitoring

If your organisation needs help with your business case please do not hesitate to get in touch!