Digital Health is for life, not just for COVID

Frances Cole

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The pandemic has seen technology support healthcare like never before, however the digital transformation has not always been consistent across all trusts. Therefore, Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, plans for 90% of NHS trusts to adopt electronic patient records by December 2023.

“We have undeniably seen brilliant progress, but this progress hasn’t always been consistent across the board. For example, one in five trusts still does not have electronic patient records, which are the essential prerequisite for a modern, digital NHS.

Sajid Javid, Health and Social Care Secretary – Health Service Journal (HSJ) Digital Transformation Summit

Sajid Javid has set out plans to put digital at the heart of healthcare, and wants a more personalised, easy-to-access approach for patients. The pandemic showed how responsive people were to technology, and how reactive patients were to being in control of their own healthcare. Javid highlighted that he doesn’t view digital health as a quick fix, he acknowledged that it was fundamental to clear the waiting list backlog and the countries long-term health. Javid announced that he aims to publish a Digital Health Plan later this year, which will be framed from lessons learned over the past 2 years and drive change throughout the NHS across the digital health space.

Technology in healthcare is here to stay and we are only going to better ourselves by further developing digital technology. COVID accelerated the use of digital and taught us so much, it is undeniable that technology is the way forward and we will continue to build on what we have learnt.