ADI and Connected Care scale up digital health services

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ADI is working internationally with hospitals, researchers, clinicians and technologists to bring the digital healthcare revolution to patients across Europe and Israel.

This week, ADI met in Modena, Italy with colleagues from Catalonia, Munich, Israel, Italy, and the Netherlands to review progress on deployments of our connected care technologies in Assuta Medical Centres, Maccabi Healthcare, Groningen Medical Centre, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, and Lleida hospitals and community services.  Multidisciplinary teams in these sites are using our Smart Adaptive Care clinical portal to co-ordinate management of patients with complex needs.

ADI’s “non-invasive ventilation” app is now supporting people in Barcelona with respiratory conditions, while our “prehabilitation” app is helping prepare patients for elective surgery by adaptive management of activity and nutritional goals. Both apps run on ADI’s MyPathway platform, integrated with Barcelona’s SAP patient record system.

MyPathway is a multiple languages tool and is being delivered in Barcelona in Catalan, Spanish and English.

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