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Patient Management Waiting List Management v2

MyPathway Waiting List Management

The number of people waiting for hospital treatment has hit 5.7 million as the NHS struggles to clear the growing backlog of patients whose care has been interrupted by COVID-19.

MyPathway Waiting List Management provides a simple and effective way to make immediate contact with patient cohorts across an entire service. MyPathway allows revalidation and reprioritisation of waiting lists, ensuring priority cases are seen first. The digital platform also allows patients to self-discharge if they no longer require clinical support.

MyPathway Waiting List Management provides effective signposting to resources and self-help for non-priority cases as well as offering ongoing remote clinical management of the waiting list.

How does it work?


Patient registers for MyPathway via the app or web browser.


Patient invited to complete questionnaire where they advise if they no longer have symptoms they are able to self-discharge.


Red Flag questions ensure patients with emergency symptoms seek immediate medical advice.


Prompt information direct from patients, helping ensure clinical capacity is fully utilised

Reduced burden on consultants making outbound calls to patients

Available resources can improve the health of patients whilst waiting for treatment


MyPathway Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIFU)

MyPathway Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIFU) puts post-surgery patients and those living with long-term conditions in control of making an appointment when they need it. For many of these patients, regular hospital follow-up appointments are often unnecessary and can put preventable strain on already stretched waiting lists.

MyPathway PIFU helps to eliminate avoidable routine appointments and empowers patients
and their carers to initiate their own appointments as and when they need them.
The service gives patients an active role in their healthcare and encourages self-management, aligning with the NHS personalised care agenda.

Patient Management PIFU

How does it work?


Patient registers for MyPathway via the app or web browser.


Patient answers questionnaire to help clinicians understand their ability and confidence to self-manage their condition.


Patients are encouraged to track their measurements such as heart rate, blood pressure or weight through the app.


At any time, patients can request to see a clinician and book an appointment on the app.


Improves clinician/patient relationship and empowers the patient using PROMs, resources, and personalised care plan pathways

Helps patients move from a passive role in their healthcare to an active role, which in turn increases medical adherence and reduces number of DNAs

Reduces the number of unnecessary appointments saving both time and money 


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