Sheffield MND MyPathway Privacy Notice TiM-II


This app:

  • stores data encrypted on your phone or tablet if you install the app; no information is stored on your device after you log-out if you use a browser to access the app.
  • will capture technical information about the device you are using, and how you use the app – we will use this only to improve the app;
  • shares the information you enter only with healthcare professionals responsible for your care.

For Patients, this app:

  • shows you, the Patient, information about your treatment, based on information you provide
    within the app;
  • will ask you, the Patient, to complete questionnaires about your health, about the self management advice you receive, whether the advice has helped you, and your overall experience of our care;

For full-time Carers, this app:

  • shows you, the Carer, information you provide within the app;
  • will ask you, the Carer, to complete questionnaires about your wellbeing and experiences of caring;
  • will link the information you, the Carer give to the Patient within the system to ensure your care team can interpret all the information correctly

Full Text:

The Application

NHS Sheffield CCG Clinical Commissioning Group and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are offering you the MyPathway app to allow you to monitor your condition, provide you with care and monitor the care we provide to you, or the the person
you care for.

What information does the app use?

Information you enter
If you are a Patient, the app uses secure forms to collect your full name, date of birth, email address, mobile phone number, postal address, NHS number, and clinician or worker details.

If you are the Patient’s Carer, it uses secure forms to get your name and contact details, and date of birth for identification purposes, as well as to identify the Patient for whom you are caring.

The app also asks you for your email address and/or mobile phone number as part of the sign-up process – this is so it can create your personal account, confirm that it is you creating the account, link it to your records at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, and can tell you (by email or text) of changes to your treatment pathway.

If you are a Patient, once you have created your account, the app shows you information about your treatment. We will also use the app to ask you to complete questionnaires about your health and document your progress through your treatment, and the answers will be shared with your clinicians. The information will be looked at by members of your
healthcare team and shared with other members of the team if necessary.

If you are a Carer, once you have created your account, we will also use the app to ask you to complete questionnaires about your role as a Carer, and the answers will be shared with those responsible for the Patient’s care.

Information entered by clinicians

Information may be entered by a clinician, in the form of additional data or messages directed to you. Such information will only be shared with you or those responsible for Patient care.

Further technical information collected
The app also collects technical information about:
o the type of computer/tablet/smartphone you are using,
o the browser or app version you are using, and
o how you use the app.

All of this technical information is stored anonymously – none of it can later be tracked back to you – and is used only to improve the app.
Because of the way that the internet works, the app also collects your mobile device unique ID and/or the IP address of your computer. This information will be used only to solve technical problems and is deleted after a few days.

Who is the information shared with?
The information you (the Patient or Carer) enter into the app is shared only with those responsible for Patient care, i.e. clinicians in the care team. Information entered by a Patient will not be seen or shared with a Carer without their consent, and vice versa.

If you are a Carer, your account will be linked to records at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals but not to any of your medical information. Only information you chose to share with the care team will be available and no information will be shared with to the Patient without your consent. The care team may discuss the information you provide with you. They may share it with other health care professionals if you give your consent. They may only share it with other health care professionals (such as your GP) without your consent if they believe you, or someone else is at risk of very serious harm and would seek to talk to you about this before they share this information.

The computer system administrators also have access to enable them to fix technical difficulties; all such accesses are logged and reviewed.
Your information might also be shared anonymously (with your personal details removed) and/or combined with information from other patients, with other NHS organisations in order to improve the care provided to, and experience of, other patients. The technical information about your use of the app is shared anonymously with the app development team so that they can improve the app.

Information security

MyPathway has been developed, and is maintained, by Advanced Digital Innovation (UK) Ltd, a company that is accredited to process NHS patient information securely. MyPathway uses a small number of carefully selected system providers:

  • MyPathway stores information on computer servers located at an NHS-accredited data centre in England operated by Aimes Management Services Ltd. These servers exchange data with
    Sheffield Teaching Hospitals computer systems over the secure internal NHS computer network managed by NHS Digital.
  • MyPathway uses a MailJet SAS, a French company, to securely and reliably deliver email notifications to users.
  • MyPathway uses a CFH Docmail Ltd, a UK company, to securely and reliably deliver postal communications to users.
  • MyPathway uses ‘Clockwork’ from Mediaburst, a UK company, to securely and reliably deliver SMS notifications.
  • MyPathway uses Google Firebase for service improvement, URL shortening, and Push notifications.
  • MyPathway uses Google reCaptcha on some forms to verify that the user is a human being

The MyPathway servers communicate with your browser, or the MyPathway app installed on your smartphone or tablet over the internet using a secure, encrypted (https) connection – the same security technology as when you browse a secure website. If you are using a browser to use MyPathway, no information is stored on the computer
after you logout and close the browser. If you are using the MyPathway app installed on your device (smartphone or tablet), your information is encrypted and stored on your device so that you have access to it even
without an internet connection. You are strongly recommended to set a screen lock on your device to prevent someone else viewing your information; as long as you do this, your data is protected by the hardware security functions within your device.

Data retention

In line with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and wider NHS policies, your information will be
retained within the MyPathway system for 8 years after your last use of MyPathway.

Your consent and your rights

By accepting the invitation and signing-in to the MyPathway app, you are consenting to the use of your data as described above.
You are entitled to a copy of all information about you held within the app, and to have any incorrect information corrected. If, having registered to use the app, you later decide that you no-longer wish to use it, you are also entitled to have your account removed – this will not affect your health record stored in the main Sheffield Teaching Hospitals computer
systems, or the treatment that we offer you. In either case, please contact:
Peter Wilson
Data Protection Officer, Information Governance Manager
Department for Information Governance, Caldicott & SIRO Support
2 Claremont Place
S10 2TB
Tel: 0114 226 5151

Your right to lodge a complaint

If you feel that we have not dealt with your requests properly, or you have other concerns
about the way in which we are using your personal information, you can contact the ICO:
Information Commissioner’s Office:
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Tel: 0303 123 1113