MyPathway App User Help & Support

MyPathway Technical Help and Support

We have provided support information to the most frequently asked MyPathway technical support questions below:

I cannot log in to MyPathway

If you are trying to register for MyPathway or are already registered but the system is not accepting the details you have input, please check the following:

  1. The email address* you are using is the same email address that your healthcare provider has on your patient record or is the email address you have registered on MyPathway.  If it could possibly be a different email address, please try to register or logon with this.  You can change your email address once you have registered / accessed the app and instructions on how to do this are shown below.
  2. Could the password you are trying to use possibly be on the list of commonly used passwords?  If so, our system will not accept these password for security purposes.  Please try an alternative password.
  3. If you are registering for MyPathway, please check that you have you input the date of birth correctly and accepted the privacy policy.
  4. If you are already registered and your email address is correct (see 1. above), if you could be mistyping the password please check by clicking on the ‘Show password’ box; if the password has been input correctly but the system does not recognise it, please re-set your password.

Forgotten password / Re-setting your password

If the system won’t accept your password or you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by visiting and clicking on the “Forgot password” link at the bottom. You then type in your email address* and you should receive an email with a single-use password reset link that works for only a short period of time. The reset password link will be sent from: i-Focus Mailer <> If you don’t receive it in your inbox, please check your junk / spam mail folder.

If the system won’t accept your new password this may be because it is on the list of commonly used passwords which our system will not accept for security purposes.  Please try an alternative password.

*Please note that the email address must be the one you are using to access MyPathway and this can be found in the ‘Profile’ tab in the MyPathway app.  For your protection, we will never send a reset password link to an email to an address that we do not recognise to avoid letting someone else gain access to your account.

How do I change my email address?

To change your email address, click on ‘Profile’ in MyPathway; click on the edit icon to the right of your email address; input the new email address and click on the tick icon.  For security reasons, an email will be sent to both your old and new email addresses – please follow the instructions in the email.

Please note: if you registered for MyPathway via an email invitation, the email address the invite was sent to is the one held on your hospital patient record.  You may therefore also wish to let the service know of any change to your email address.

I no longer want to use MyPathway

If you no longer wish to receive emails from MyPathway about your healthcare, you can opt out of digital communications by clicking here

How do I change, cancel or speak to someone about my appointment or care?

For any queries relating to your appointment or care, please contact your healthcare provider directly.  Contact details can be found in the appointment confirmation lozenge on MyPathway.

Support with other Technical Queries

If your issue or question is not covered above and you require further technical support, please email: and provide the following information as this will help the support team to resolve your issue more quickly:

  • Explain the nature of the problem
  • Include a screenshot of the problem (if possible)
  • Confirm what device you are using to access MyPathway
  • Confirm whether you are using the web app or the phone app
  • If you are using the web app: confirm what internet browser you are using
  • If you are using the phone app: confirm what operating system you are using

The inbox is regularly monitored and the MyPathway Technical Support Team aim to provide a response within 2 working days.