ADI Health can support “Long Wait Surgery”


MyPathway is supporting services to avoid last minute cancellations due to patients being found unfit in the days leading up to their surgery. Pre-op fall out is increasing due to large numbers of patients who have been waiting for an operation are “failing” their pre-operative assessments as they have declined during COVID and are no longer fit for surgery.

1-2 people per day who are scheduled for an operation, are typically unfit for their surgery and therefore the service either has to find a last-minute substitute or they lose slots and operating time which subsequently wastes surgeon time and hospital money.

This problem is widespread across the NHS as it accelerates its efforts to catch up with the backlog of people waiting. Each day across the NHS hundreds of operating slots are lost as patients are deemed unfit for surgery with too little time to find replacements that have been screened and cleared through COVID protocols. 

MyPathway is a patient led accessible platform that avoids this problem as patients are continuously monitoring their conditions via MyPathway as well as their fitness for intervention. MyPathway Long Wait Surgery encourages patients to take control of their health, prior to surgery, and provides pre-surgery advise and resources to avoid any potential issues that may disrupt their scheduled operation.

ADI Health can see the value of this very simple but effective methodology and if you would like more information on how MyPathway can support your Long Wait Surgery, please contact us.